YouTube promises to stop promoting misleading, conspiracy videos

San Bruno: If you believe the world is flat, don’t count on YouTube recommending videos supporting your theory.

YouTube is promising to stop promoting so many sensationalistic clips that revolve around scientifically proven falsehoods and other suspect information, such as conspiracy theories revolving around the US government’s involvement in the September 11 attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York.

Youtube made the announcement on Friday.

Youtube made the announcement on Friday. Credit:Bloomberg

YouTube, part of Google, announced its de-emphasis on misleading videos Friday. It’s the latest example of a widely-used digital service trying to stop the spread of misinformation as politicans scrutinise the role that technology companies play in distributing potentially toxic propaganda. Both Facebook and Twitter are trying to take similar steps.

The misleading videos will remain on YouTube, even after they are phased out from its recommendation list.


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