Woman sues Emirates airlines, claiming lack of water led to collapse

The Moonee Valley council worker described the pain as between nine and 10 out of 10. She was told her ankle was broken and in need of surgery after returning to Australia.

Ms Di Falco is suing Emirates for damages, with her barrister Ron Meldrum, QC, saying his client had been an “adventurous” traveller who loved dancing and skiing before the accident.

Now she was always in pain and found it difficult to walk. She no longer gardened or exercised.

Ms Di Falco told Justice Jacinta Forbes her previously happy marriage had collapsed and she had withdrawn from friends.

“I was a happy person,” Ms Di Falco said.

“The confidence I had for myself, it’s all gone.”

Mr Meldrum said his client needed to drink “an awful lot of water”, consuming one litre during the day and taking another litre to bed.

She had taken water with her to the airport but was not allowed to board the flight with it.

The trial continues.


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