Why the coaches wear the same outfits every week

It’s the question that’s baffled some fans of The Voice: Why have the coaches been wearing the same outfits all season?

So far nine episodes of The Voice have aired on Channel 9 this year, and in every single one Kelly Rowland has been sporting the same gold two-piece outfit, Boy George has donned the same hat and Delta Goodrem has been sparkling in the same dress.

The outfit mystery isn’t unique to The Voice Australia. British fans were also scratching their heads as to why UK coaches Jennifer Hudson, will.i.am, Gavin Rossdale and Sir Tom Jones were wearing exactly the same outfits in the blind auditions earlier this year.

The Voice UK even released a tongue-in-cheek statement in February that said: “It’s all true. Our coaches have been wearing the same clothes for six weeks now. And we feel it’s important to inform you all that they will be in the same outfits next week, too.

“We really hope our loyal fans can stick with us through this difficult, emotional and potentially confusing time.”

So what’s the deal with the consistent costumes?

News.com.au can reveal the coaches are made to wear the same outfits in the blind auditions for editing purposes.

The blind auditions were filmed over four days in February, but producers don’t know which singers are going to end up in which episodes when it comes time to edit the show.

Having the coaches dress in the same outfits means they can easily cut and paste auditions from different days and put them in the same episode without viewers realising.

If you’re a little bit sick of seeing the coaches in the same outfits, there’s good news, a change is just around the corner.

The 10th and final blind auditions episode will air this Sunday, and then the coaches will be seen in different outfits for the second stage of the competition.

You can expect to see a whole new wardrobe on display in the knockouts in which the top 48 artists go head-to-head in groups of three as they perform a song their coach has chosen within a theme. These episodes will start airing on Monday, June 10. They were filmed back in March.

After the knockouts comes the battles (also filmed in March) where artists perform in pairs. One artist wins the battle and each coach gets a wildcard to take through from the unsuccessful artists on their team, resulting in four artists per team moving into the finals.

And then of course it’s the finals (which will be filmed later this month and in early July) where the top 16 artists battle it out for a spot in the grand final.

The Voice continues this Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9

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