Universal’s interactive TV show app is just very expensive fan fiction

Narrative mobile games where you get to make choices are huge at the moment. Games like Episodes and Choices are popular, because who doesn’t love a ‘choose your own adventure’ romance where you don’t have to get off the couch?

It was just a matter of time before more licenced versions of these games came on the market, and that’s where Universal Pictures’ Series: Your Story Universe comes onto the scene.

The app includes new original stories from Vanderpump Rules, The Breakfast Club, Law & Order Investigation, Xena: Warrior Princess and Brides Maids, among others. All of them have new episodes out each week, and all of them are aimed squarely at the fans. You play as your own original character, inserted into the world of the show.

The are Series stories for a wide range of fan-favourite shows.

The are Series stories for a wide range of fan-favourite shows.

As a fan of Xena (I’ve played for the Potidea Battling Bards in the Xena Con charity softball game in LA three times), I was excited about this game and its possibilities, having already read all the good fanfic. Ready to complete the stereotype, I named my character after Waverly Earp and jumped right in, only to be deeply disappointed by what I found.

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