Trashable pods threaten to spread from coffee to … everything

We all know that plastic waste is a huge problem. You just have to go to any body of water to see that. So how is it that in 2020 companies are finding more innovative ways to create impossible- or difficult-to-recycle trash quicker and easier instead of working to find solutions to the problems they’ve caused?

Duolab can create 15 different skin care mixtures depending on what pods you insert.

Duolab can create 15 different skin care mixtures depending on what pods you insert.

There were three major themes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week: 1.”If it can have 5G, it will have 5G.” 2. “But what if it had a folding screen?” and 3. “It comes in a pod!”

The 5G thing is understandable, fun and will die down once we’ve worked out what does and doesn’t need 5G, and we all like folding things. But the trend of everything now being available in a pod is utterly unconscionable, and I’m shocked that no one during the design process pointed out that adding more single-use plastic to landfill might be frowned upon (or, at least, that the person wasn’t taken seriously).

On the show floor you could see everything now coming in expensive proprietary pods for a more expensive machine, many of them requiring multiple pods to perfectly customise the experience and justify even smaller portion sizes in each. Have you ever wanted to blend multiple things to make hand cream, face cream, body lotion, foundation, lipstick, lube, shampoo, conditioner or general hair treatments? Or do you want to make tea or “authentic” matcha from a pod? Because you’ll be able to do that soon.

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