This phone does the job of a big name handset without costing a mint

There’s a snappy fingerprint scanner for securely unlocking the device that can also be assigned to do other tasks such as act as the shutter button when using the camera. The Y3 can be unlocked using your face as well and while it isn’t as secure as the 3D-based facial recognition technology seen in premium handsets like Apple’s iPhone, it is at least very quick and can be used in conjunction with the fingerprint scanner for added security.


The Y3 sports an expansive 6.3-inch display with a resolution that is a little sharper than FullHD at 2340×1080 pixels and it is protected by Gorilla Glass to keep scratches at bay. It’s worth noting, however, that streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will limit playback to standard definition (480p) due to the phone lacking the necessary support for Google’s Widevine L1 Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform.

In an effort to maximise screen real estate and keep bezels to a minimum, Mintt has opted for a teardrop style notch to accommodate for the front-facing camera. My only qualm with the display is that the auto-brightness leaves it too dim in most situations, so much so that I ended up turning it off.

The phone supports fast charging that claims to deliver five hours of call time or two hours of web browsing from a 10 minute charge but I was unable to test this claim as a fast charger doesn’t come in the box. I personally prefer to use a wireless charger anyway which worked great. The Y3 also happens to be an endurance champ thanks to the large 4050mAh battery onboard that got me through most days with plenty left in the tank.

Another big plus is that the Y3 runs on stock Android, completely devoid of manufacturer bloatware and clutter. Coupled with a decent mid-range processor in the P60 from MediaTek and you have a software experience that feels responsive and fluid which isn’t often the case at this end of the price spectrum. Mintt says that the Y3 will be supported with Android security updates for two years and will also get Android Q when it becomes available.

There’s 64GB of internal storage that is expandable via the onboard microSD card slot. The Dual SIM card slot is handy for regular overseas travellers, but also for when you want to milk the value of two plans while keeping your minimum monthly spend low.

The Y3 is equipped with a surprisingly capable camera for the price with decent low light performance and a secondary sensor dedicated to blurring out backgrounds for more artistic looking shots. There are no ultrawide or optical (lossless) zoom options but that’s to be expected at this price point.

Going with an unrecognised brand has its drawbacks. The phone isn’t available for sale in any retail store and can only be purchased directly from Mintt’s website. While the company does provide local customer support, it’s through email only. Mintt does at least offer a no-cost device return through Australia Post should you encounter problems with their handset under warranty.

With that said, for those looking for a capable budget smartphone, the Y3 from Mintt is most certainly worth rolling the dice on.

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