The Real Reason Why The ABC Aired The Wrong Episode Of ‘Mad As Hell’

Social media was alight with complaints, frustration and unusual conspiracy theories after the ABC aired the previous week’s episode of Shaun Micallef’s comedy series ‘Mad As Hell’.

TV Blackbox has exclusively revealed that a “simple production error by a lone staffer at the ABC’s Melbourne based Transfer Exchange caused the wrongly labelled episode to be sent to the national MediaHub playout centre in NSW.”

MediaHub’s senior executive confirmed the news with the publication, explaining that the fault came down to a wrongly labelled episode.

Unfortunately, they did not realise the episode had been wrongly labelled until the broadcast commenced and complaints came rolling in.

The same episode was also repeated in the South Australian/Northern Territory markets, and then later in Western Australia, due to a “lack of staff at the ABC’s Melbourne based Transfer department,” TV Blackbox claim.

However, a ‘lower-third’ graphic was added to the program apologising for the mistake.

The ABC iview team were the only ones who were supplied with the correct episode, which they published online at 9:30pm AEST.

An additional broadcast time will be added this week to air the episode.

(Source: TV Blackbox)

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