Sydney chokes through more smoke haze as bushfire conditions ease across NSW

Sydney’s air quality has again dipped into “hazardous” territory as southerly winds continue to blow bushfire smoke into the city from the state’s south, where dozens of fires are burning amid easing conditions.

The NSW Department of Primary Industry’s air quality index showed visibility levels across the metropolitan area reached “hazardous” levels of pollution before 10am on Sunday, while dangerous PM2.5 fine particle pollution was “poor” throughout most of the city, and “very poor” in some south-western suburbs as well as the Illawarra.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Helen Kirkup said the smoke had been trapped by an inversion layer after arriving in recent days, with warmer air preventing it from escaping as southerly winds continue to send more smoke over the city.

The presence of heavy cloud cover was also contributing to the severity of the haze, she said.

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