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The diminutive stature and arresting prettiness of British presenter, Stacey Dooley, haven’t stopped her yet from going where other less fragile looking women might fear to tread. Here she shirtfronts some seriously scary Russian men with histories of violence towards women, in the name of comprehending the incomprehensible. In response to 2017 legislation decriminalising some forms of domestic abuse, Dooley investigates a woman’s lot in Putin’s Russia.


<i>Travel Guides</I> checks out wineries, gourmet food markets and a nude beach.

Travel Guides checks out wineries, gourmet food markets and a nude beach.Credit:


9pm, Nine

Much of the fun to be had in this South Australian leg of the amateur travel critics’ latest journey is surely at the expense of adorable snobs, Kevin and Janetta (pictured). Along with some of their more hardy colleagues, they will be required to endure a rustic slice of life on a farmstay. Hopefully their jangled nerves will be soothed by the refined pleasures to be enjoyed elsewhere. On the itinerary are wineries, gourmet food markets and –ooh! – a nude beach.


<i>Ambulance Australia</I> revisits some of the summer's callouts.

Ambulance Australia revisits some of the summer’s callouts.Credit:


7.30pm, TEN

Ten is certainly making the most of its star recruit, Lisa Wilkinson. The veteran broadcaster lends her distinctive voice to the narration of this quality remake of the British ambo factual series. In this episode, we revisit some of the paramedics’ summertime callouts. Be warned, this isn’t a collection of Bondi Rescue happy endings. Rather, we are privy to some disturbing headline-grabbing incidents including a stabbing, a brawl, a car accident, a psychotic episode and an unusual mugging.

Bridget McManus is a television writer and critic for Green Guide. She was deputy editor of Green Guide from 2006 to 2010 and now also writes features and interviews for Life & Style in The Saturday Age and M magazine in The Sunday Age.

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