Shkedy and Suchard set for Oz

FORMER head of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and CEO of El Al, Major General Eliezer Shkedy, together with world renowned Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard, will appear exclusively in Australia at JNF’s annual dinners in early September. 

Prior to serving as CEO of El Al, Shkedy was the 15th commander of the IAF, the culmination of a distinguished career as a fighter pilot and several command positions. These included heading up the Iranian Command, tasked with coordinating Israeli military operations and intelligence gathering. During his service, Shkedy played a pivotal role in a number of complicated missions, many of which remain classified and led the IAF through the Second Lebanon War in 2006. 

In 2007, Shkedy was tasked with one of the most important operations ever assigned to the IAF – the strike on a Syrian nuclear reactor, known as Operation Outside the Box. The destruction of the Al-Kibar nuclear facility constitutes one of Israel’s most important and sensitive military-strategic achievements this century. 

Suchard’s performances have earned him international acclaim as the world’s leading mentalist, entertaining sold-out audiences around the globe and appearing regularly on top-rating TV shows, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Late Show with James Corden. 

His mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him a reputation as a top-class supernatural entertainer. Last year he performed at Kanye West’s 41st birthday party and last weekend he performed at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Tel Aviv in front of a television audience of hundreds of millions of people.

In 2015, Suchard visited Australia and told The AJN, “People try to come up with a rational answer for what I do, or will often ask how I do [it], but I tell them: If they knew how powerful the mind can be, then they would see it is not a trick or a secret.” 

JNF national CEO Dan Springer commented, “Building upon the strong momentum of previous JNF dinners, we decided to mix it up this year, bringing together one of Israel’s most popular military heroes with one of its most internationally celebrated entertainers, for a memorable night of miracles. 

“The 2019 campaign, in support of Kadesh Barnea on the Egyptian border, will continue JNF’s work to grow pioneering communities in the Negev, in realisation of Ben-Gurion’s vision.” 

Suchard and Shkedy will headline JNF’s annual campaign dinners in Sydney on September 3 and Melbourne on September 5. 

Shkedy will headline the Perth function on September 8. 

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