Sennheiser family’s sound plan: brothers as co-CEOs

Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser share the CEO position of the famed audio company that bears their name, founded by their grandfather Fritz back in 1945. But rather than inheriting the family business, the brothers joined Sennheiser only after years studying and working elsewhere.

“We had to be ready”, explains Daniel Sennheiser, in Sydney to visit the newly opened Sennheiser flagship store, just off Martin Place, “because it’s this is not a little garage company anymore.

Daniel Sennheiser's sales and marketing expertise fits well with his brother's engineering background.

Daniel Sennheiser’s sales and marketing expertise fits well with his brother’s engineering background.

While Andreas always knew he wanted to join the family business, Daniel says he initially refused the idea. He had studied design and marketing, and had his start in advertising, so to him it didn’t seem he had a place at an engineering science company.

“But then today’s Sennheiser has greatly evolved, the market is greatly evolved, and I think the background that I bring to Sennheiser is actually quite helpful,” he says. “You need to understand design for the design of the products, we need to understand space for shops like this, and you need to understand the customer. And that’s everything that that a designer does.

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