Selling Houses Australia team transforms SA property to sell

When someone walks into your home and labels it “50 shades of vomit”, your chances of selling are probably zero.

Selling Houses Australia’s Andrew Winter described this home in Lewiston, South Australia as “boring and bland”, adding the backyard looked like a bikie club house.

It had been on the market for five months and received one offer that was almost $100,000 below the asking price. So it’s fair to say the renovation team on the Foxtel show had their work cut out for them in order to sell the home.

Struggling single mum of three girls, Donyal, was in financial trouble and needed to sell in order to meet her mortgage repayments. She had an asking price of $565,000.

Andrew and fellow experts Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone agreed the house — which was on almost a hectare — had great potential.

But it needed work. Have a look.

The team declared they’d need about $35,000 to get it in a state to sell in Donyal’s asking price range.

This included fixing up the grand entrance, stripping the kitchen and overhauling the “dilapidated” backyard, among other tweaks.

The final product was unbelievable, considering how little was spent on the improvements.

Viewers were particularly stunned by the kitchen, which was transformed into a chic industrial-style space.

The house sold for $582,500 after only six weeks; a remarkable sale in a regional market.

Have a look at the rest of the improvements.

Selling Houses Australia, on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel at 8.30pm every Wednesday, is the most successful locally-produced series in subscription television history.

In the new 13-episode series of the Beyond Productions show, which is produced exclusively for Foxtel, Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie face their biggest challenges yet; working their makeover magic in a volatile Australian property market.

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