One woman found dead in Clarence Street unit, Mert Ney identified as alleged offender

“It is not currently classed as a terrorist incident… As investigation continues we will reassess that.”

Mr Fuller said a woman, 41, was stabbed on the street and a woman, 21, was found deceased in a unit block.

“All the information we have at hand would link these two crimes,” he said.

He praised the three people who performed the citizen’s arrest and said “it would have been terrifying carnage in and around that area”, where Mr Ney was “brandishing a large butcher’s knife and was clearly dangerous”.

Mr Fuller said Mr Ney’s “history was unremarkable compared to the gravity of the crimes he committed”.

Police are currently examining a crime scene in Western Sydney where Mr Ney lives. Mr Fuller said police would investigate whether the incident was related to drugs or mental health, but that “it was a horrendous crime and he should pay for it”.

They will investigate the last 12 months of Mr Ney’s life to see why someone who was living with his parents and “turning his life around” would become “someone who is capable of such horrendous crimes”.

Mr Fuller reiterated police were in the early stages of investigation and they would continue to look for other crime scenes.

“It is early and in an hour’s time we might be stepping up here with a different story.”

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