New street opened at Wynnum Road but residents “furious” at right-turn closure

Cr Schrinner said the new street’s name was the Indigenous name for Norman Creek.

The lighted intersection provides a new pedestrian crossing over Wynnum Road and right-turn lanes into Kulpurum Street.

Cr Cooper said the street would make a major difference to one of the slowest-moving transport corridors to and from Brisbane.

“We think the improvement with the new bus priority lane as part of the Stage 1B project incorporated in this will really encourage people to use public transport and will reduce traffic congestion,” she said.

Cr Cooper said over a five-year period there was an “unacceptable” number of accidents in the area: more than 100 between Latrobe Street and Riding Road.

The new street lights at the intersection of Wynnum Road and Kulpurum Street were switched on Tuesday morning.

The new street lights at the intersection of Wynnum Road and Kulpurum Street were switched on Tuesday morning.Credit:Lucy Stone/Brisbane Times

“This project is about making it safer for people as well as tackling that traffic congestion issue,” she said.

Another new change for the Wynnum Road corridor will see the right-turn from Bennetts Road closed in a four-week trial designed to provide faster construction on Stage 1B of the Wynnum Road programs.

“This is a project that leads into this particular corridor, it’s a $12 million investment in the corridor further afield,” Cr Schrinner said.

“By closing down a right-turn for a period of time we can construct the project faster. Keeping that access open would mean more delays for local residents.”

Cr Cooper said the trial, which starts Wednesday, would give the council an indication of the closure’s impact on traffic.

She said if the trial was not successful, more night works would be needed, and this would be “very disruptive”.

Morningside Ward councillor Kara Cook (ALP) said residents were “furious” over the proposed right-turn closure, which was originally planned to be an eight-month closure.

She said the four-week trial had been adopted after she raised concerns from residents about the closure of the only connection from Bennetts Road to Hawthorne.

“Eight months seems an extraordinary time to complete a relatively small part of this project and it’s not good enough,” she said.

“It’s a plan for chaos – it will add to congestion and cause rat-running in quiet suburban streets.”

Cr Cook said while she supported the Wynnum Road project, she did not support the temporary closure, which would come at the expense of residents’ daily commute.

Cr Schrinner said almost 60 per cent of the overall Wynnum Road project was complete, and was on track for its planned completion deadline next year.

He thanked residents for their patience, noting the project’s slow progress was partly due to keeping Wynnum Road open during the construction phase.

Lucy is the urban affairs reporter for the Brisbane Times, with a special interest in Brisbane City Council.

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