New episodes to be rudest yet

There wasn’t supposed to be a sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In May last year, the sitcom about a New York police department, starring Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg, was unceremoniously axed by US network Fox, leaving the show’s stars devastated.

“I was very shocked and then I was kind of mad because I felt like our victory lap had been stolen from us,” Melissa Fumero, who plays cop Amy Santiago onBrooklyn Nine-Nine, told

“We had put our heart and soul into this show, we are all really proud of it … I just felt that we deserved to wrap it up and finish it the way the writers would have finished it.”

The show’s devoted fans weren’t happy either, taking to social media to demand Brooklyn Nine-Nine be thrown a lifeline.

Soon, the hashtag #SaveB99 was trending on Twitter worldwide and then just 30 hours after it was canned by Fox, NBC decided to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“I just ugly cried in the lobby of this very fancy hotel with a martini in front of me,” Fumero recalled of her reaction when she found out Brooklyn Nine-Nine had been saved.

“So I looked very sad at that moment, but I was actually so, so happy.”

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving from one US network to another probably doesn’t seem like it would matter too much to Australian viewers (it will continue to air on SBS Viceland here), it has made for a ruder sixth season.

On NBC, TV shows can (gasp) swear and show nudity as long as it is beeped out or pixelated.

“Well we get to bleep and blur now which is fun, so there will be some bleeps this season,” Fumero said.

“I don’t know how many, or if they will all make it in, but it’s been very fun for us to do that.”

But among the expected laughs, this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also be tackling the #MeToo movement with a story around Fumero’s character Amy.

That episode hits close to home for Brookyln Nine-Nine, with cast member Terry Crews’ claims he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive one of the leading stories in the #MeToo movement.

“Our writers would never try and do a social issue (unless) they had a good reason to and had a good story that could make it work in the world of our show,” Fumero explained.

“So it was more the #MeToo one just kept coming back to them and they were able to make a story for it, a really great story.

“And then you know it’s great that (it’s) also in support of Terry, one of our own having gone through what he went through and being one of the loud voices in that movement. I’m really glad that it ended up being the #MeToo issue because of what Terry has been through.”

As for whether season six is the last season, Fumero is hopeful the show will get at least one more run after this one.

When she spoke to late last month, Fumero was yet to film the last few episodes of season six and still had no idea how it would end.

“The hope is that we will continue,” she said. “We still feel like there is more story to tell and there’s more jokes to do and there is more fun stuff to do with each character, so we’re not done yet hopefully.”

— Season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on Friday 8.30pm on SBS Viceland and SBS On Demand.

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