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You probably know someone who has a Thermomix. You know, because they’ve told you multiple times. It’s an appliance with an almost cult-like following, despite that one model that used to blow up occasionally.

Years ago I tried out the TM-5 with the Cookidoo Cook-Key attachment and absolutely loved it, so I was excited to try out the company’s latest, the TM-6. After a week of cooking almost everything in the $2269 device, I’ve come to the conclusion that whether or not you need one depends entirely on what kind of person you are, and what appliances you already own.

The Thermomix TM-6 is one device that practically does it all.

The Thermomix TM-6 is one device that practically does it all.

This model blends, braises, ferments, sous-vides, slow cooks, chops, crushes, stews, sautés, boils, caramelises, emulsifies, stirs, steams, heats, kneads, grates, juices, grinds, mixes, mills, minces, purees, weighs and whisks. You can make yoghurt in this thing. It’s a very attractive prospect for a cook with a tiny kitchen, or someone just setting up a new kitchen from scratch.

The biggest change between this and the TM-5 is that it has a much larger screen and built-in Wi-Fi, which connects you to the Cookidoo platform containing more than 30,000 recipes (removing the need for a separate Cook-Key). When you buy the machine, you get a trial subscription and a basic recipe book with more than 100 recipes, but the subscription costs $49 a year.

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