Latest Lego 4×4 is a slick but pricey RC car

One of the joys of ’90s childhoods was getting a big remote-control car and driving it around, crashing it into walls, and replacing the batteries every 20 minutes or so. The Lego Technic 4×4 X-treme Off-Roader takes that feeling and puts it on steroids (though the batteries last a bit longer now, which is nice).

In the box you’ll find 958 pieces, including a sticker sheet, approximately eleventy billion technic connectors, one large motor, two XL motors, and the new Control+ Bluetooth-controlled smart hub. Those last three items are why the RRP is a whopping $419.99, when you’d usually only expect to pay around 10c a piece on average for a Lego set. Target and Big W currently have it for well below $300.

The end result of the build is a great truck you can drive with your phone.

The end result of the build is a great truck you can drive with your phone.

The build itself is split between several bags numbered 1-3, dividing the build experience between the front axle, which has two motors to control both steering and drive, the back axle which has a motor for drive as well as the smart hub, and the decorative top shell.

Because the front half of the build is so compact, and fitting in so many pieces, I found it to be quite a challenge, and had to go back several times to fix mistakes which seemed tiny at first and then snowballed. Getting the suspension at just the right angle was my greatest undoing, but the process of building it taught me several new techniques and at least one new combination of swear words.

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