keeping your feet warm for a couple of cents per day

Most foot warmer mats available online are designed for 110 volts, meaning they’re not safe to import for use with 240-volt Australian power. Meanwhile, the 240-volt options designed for Australia tend to be smaller than this 40x60cm mat, as they’re generally designed to place on your body to treat muscle pain.


You might need to take off your shoes to feel the warmth of the mat, but if you have trouble with cold feet then you perhaps find that even a traditional heater struggles to warm them when you’re wearing shoes. This mat heats all the way to the edge, unlike many options, but the trade-off is that it isn’t flexible so you can’t wrap it around your feet.

If you tend to feel the cold in the tops of your feet then they’ll likely stay cold even with your soles planted firmly on the mat. Thick socks help but you might want to place a small towel over your feet to keep in the warmth.

Try pre-heating the towel on the mat for a few minutes before you slide your feet in, but don’t leave the entire surface of the mat covered; it’s a safety hazard.

If you’ve looked online you’ll see pocket-style 110v foot warmer mats, which you can slip your feet into, but keep in mind they still generally only heat the bottom mat. Plus they often feature a smaller heating element than this mat.

With your towel in place, the mat is enough to keep your feet warm all over without them getting too sweaty or causing you to overheat. It’s actually more effective than a fan-driven heater when it comes to keeping your feet at a constant comfortable temperature, plus it’s more discrete with no noise or smell.

A foot switch lets you turn the mat on and off without needing to reach under the desk, but it doesn’t offer a choice of temperatures. Nor does it feature an auto shut-off option, so you need to remember to turn it off at the end of the day.

The Heat Master Foot Mat Heater won’t completely banish the cold; it’s not going to warm your legs or the rest of your body like a space heater stashed under the desk. But if you suffer from chronically cold feet then it’s a great way to beat the winter chill while freezing your power bill.

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