Keep watch over your kids with Alcatel’s Move Time, or don’t

If you can’t wear the watch at school or daycare, that just leaves time usually spent with a parent anyway. Perhaps a child just old enough for sleepovers could get some use out of it, but that seems a very narrow use case.

And the watch is quite chunky, almost twice as thick as my Apple Watch, so it’ll look gigantic on most smaller wrists.


If you can find a use case, you’ll quickly run into more issues. The watch communicates back to parents via an app that is very rough around the edges. Setting up an account in the app was painful; it kept rejecting my password as too strong. Once passed that pairing is done via QR code but again, this failed, making me type out a 15 digit IMEI number. That too failed, until I rebooted the watch and it was finally connected.

To be fair, once the watch was finally up and running I was able to send emoji and little voice messages back and forth. The Move Time has a barebones messaging app, a to-do list for the supremely organised child, and GPS for the fretful parent, to track their child’s location in real time. The watch allows you to set up safezones, and will alert you if your child leaves them.

At just $180 outright with included data, the Move Time is a surprisingly good deal, but still feels just a little undercooked.

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