inexpensive robo-vac talks too much, and not enough

The first clean wasn’t particularly efficient, as it was still building the map. But once it finished building an eerily good map of my apartment, subsequent cleans were much faster and I was able to be more specific about which areas I did or did not want cleaned. Unfortunately, its sense of direction is not perfect, so when I tried to exclude the couch area from the clean (because of the cables), it would either exclude a nearby area, or I’d have to mark too much of the living room as a no go and vacuum that area separately, mildly defeating the purpose.

That said, it did manage to pick up a reasonable amount of dust and dirt that I didn’t know was there, and only needed to recharge once midway through the 95-ish square metres. Granted, most of the robot vacuum cleaners I’ve used didn’t need a charge break when doing the apartment, but this one is substantially cheaper.

The 710 needs to charge quite often, and may not let you know when its bin is full.

The 710 needs to charge quite often, and may not let you know when its bin is full.

To test it on carpet, I took it to a meeting room that gets professionally cleaned twice a week. On carpet it was super quiet. Almost too quiet. And it spent a large amount of effort getting itself stuck on chair legs and being unable to get down, but too stubborn to ask for help.

Half an hour in, or about halfway through cleaning this not overly large room, it needed to charge, and I noticed it had left a lot of carpet fluff in its wake. When I forced it to restart an hour later, it only had enough charge to clean for five minutes and did a terrible job. It was only then that I thought to check the dust bin, and found it completely full of carpet fluff. It had managed to give the carpet a deeper clean than the professional-grade vacuum cleaners that are so often employed on it, which was impressive. What wasn’t impressive, though, was the amount of time it wasted by not alerting me to its bin being full. Not putting a sensor in there is going to waste a lot of time and battery over the life of the vacuum cleaner, especially given how small the bin is.

In the end, though, it’s a more than competent vacuum cleaner that’s a bargain at that price, but will require some vigilance from users to make sure it’s not consuming cables or wasting time with a full bin.

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