Hayley Holt’s trashy guilty pleasure of 2018

My guilty pleasure of 2018 was…

Love Island Australia and UK on TVNZ OnDemand. We got the personalised drink bottles too… there’s nothing like watching the show whilst drinking from the official drink bottle.

The highlight of my year was… Loving my job and being welcomed into the warm bosom of my new work family at Breakfast.

But the lowlight was… the early starts with my new working hours. I had to lose my social life and start going to bed at 7:30pm.

One thing I did/read/watched this year that made me feel smarter was…. I’ve just finished this amazing book call “The Ecstasy of Cabeza de Vaca” by Keith Hill. I guess it made me feel more in touch with humanity and the meaning of life. It’s amazing.

Best thing I ate this year was…Bennetto chocolate. It’s vegan, organic, fair trade, carbon neutral and delicious. What a find it was. Also, I went to lunch at Hugo’s near Hotel deBrett. Everything about it was utterly delicious. My new favourite restaurant – hands down.

My hero of 2018 was… Ric Salizzo, my old boss. Whilst he may have lost me to TVNZ, that didn’t stop him from helping and guiding me through this new phase of my life.

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