Hailey Bieber just started a trend in logo wedding dressing

But the twist came in the cathedral veil, which was embroidered with the words “TILL DEATH DO US PART”. It was vintage Abloh, and possibly a sign that brides will start incorporating more modern, high-fashion touches into their looks.

Greta Kenyon, founding editor of wedding magazine Together Journal, thought the dress was “very feminine and elegant but also with modern fashion lines”.

Kenyon said use of the phrase “‘Til death do us part” in wedding paraphernalia has been trending for about the past six to 12 months.

“It’s often spelled out in neon light signs as part of the wedding decor, or on other signage and on cakes and stationery. However, this is the first time I have seen it on a veil … Obviously it’s a phrase that resonates with them and means something to them both. It won’t be everyone’s style but I personally think it’s really cool that they have done something different that is important to them.”

Kenyon said she can definitely see the Biebers inspiring couples who are planning their wedding “and using this phrase or incorporating their own phrase onto their veils in this way”.

While many social media users loved the dress, some got into a tussle over the correct spelling of the abbreviated form of “until”, with some arguing the veil had an unfortunate typo. (For the record, the correct usage is “’til”.)


On Instagram, Bieber thanked Abloh for creating her “dream dress”. “Thank you for making my vision come to life,” she wrote. “You and your @off____white team are incredible and I’m forever grateful I got to wear your beautiful creation.”

Abloh, who is on a three-month medical leave of absence, was not in Paris for his brand’s show at fashion week. On Tuesday, Australian time, he shared photos of Bieber’s dress on his own account, saying: “When @haileybieber asks if you want to design a wedding dress … that’s a ‘yes’ too. Love you guys since time, for time.”

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