Gender pay gap: ABS data shows men pocket more than women in 80% of professions

New data appears to confirm the gender pay gap is alive and kicking across Australia … and in more than 80% of professions, no less.

Australian Bureau of Statistics have revealed census data showing men taking home more than their female counterparts in as many as 64 of 77 occupations covered by the stats.

And according to a report by Newscorp, the monetary difference in earnings is as much as $619 in certain industries.

Women did claim minor wins in 12 occupations covered by the data, but even then the highest pay gap between the genders was far less.

The biggest gulf in pay packets ($619 a week), in the legal field, means that on average men are earning roughly $32,000 a year more than women in the same roles.

It’s a similar story in the finance and investment sphere – with men typically being paid $581 more a week.

Women looking to out earn men should however consider roles in agriculture, with female farmers and farm managers averaging $380 more per week than men.

The figures come off the back of ABS stats showing the highest paying jobs across the country – that saw surgeons law claim to Australia’s biggest earners.

Overall, the lowest hourly earners, on average, were sales workers ($28.50) and labourers ($29.50), with the average for all employees at $39.10 per hour.

The jobs that bring in the money

  • Surgeons — $5272.10 per week
  • Anaesthetists — $5225.40
  • Other medical practitioners — $4583.50
  • Psychiatrists — $3826.30
  • Engineering managers — $3476.70
  • Internal medicine specialists — $3327.70
  • Air transport professionals — $3323.10
  • Chemical, gas, petroleum and power generation plant operators — $3238
  • Research and development manager — $3224.50
  • ICT manager — $3287.60

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