Federal election 2019: Shorten says he’ll ‘adhere to law’ on Adani groundwater approval – politics live | Australia news

Sure, you can argue one way or the other and I respect those who think Adani should go ahead. I ask for respect in the other direction. Some of the headlines in the Murdoch media are simply disgraceful. They’re a disgrace to journalism and they’re a disgrace to the fourth estate’s responsibility for fair and balanced journalism in this biggest debate facing humanity.

We come in peace, we come abiding by the laws.

I absolutely reject [the offensive comments], and as I said to the Courier-Mail last night, I’m sure you take down those comments made on your website and you separate yourselves from them.

What [the Courier-Mail] has done today is to use those despicable comments and try to tar everyone else with them. That’s the lowest form of journalism.

Those comments have no place in civil debate, and they have no place being used to stir up, no doubt, malevolence down the line. And I hold the Murdoch media responsible for that, if it happens.

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