Earthquake rocks WA’s North West

Billy-Jo Freeman in Kununurra said she was sitting on the couch when she felt it rocking side-to-side.

“The pedestal fan was shaking and my water bottle was too,” she said. “I’m on the scond storey so I didn’t know if I was going crazy or not until my husband agreed the house was shaking a little.

“Only went on for maybe a minute or two but never felt anything like it before.”

Amanda Tassone in Tom Price said she thought the quake was an iron ore train travelling through the area.

“I heard loud rumble and vibration that got louder, and lasted a good minute,” she said. “I thought it was an iron ore train to start with but as it got louder realised it was something else.

“Then my 15-year-old son said ‘I think we’re having an earthquake mum!'”

Stations in Marble Bar, Giralia, Carnarvon, Meekatharra, Kununurra, Timor and Indonesia all reported phases of the earthquake.

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