David Atkin wants super money to work smarter

The Hayne royal commission was a watershed moment in highlighting poor treatment of consumers by powerful financial institutions in the retail sector. Making sure meaningful reform stems from it is the big challenge for the next government.

Cbus CEO David Atkin says super money can tackle big issues. Luis Enrique Ascui

Unpaid super is still a huge problem and is robbing the retirement savings of one in three Australians. Paying super with wages needs to be a priority for government.

And there is an urgent need to deal with the gender super gap to make sure women have equal access to a secure retirement.

Campaign wish list?

I would like to see less focus on who won the day or who is leading or gaining in the polls and more focus on long-term policy. Let’s talk more about what our cities and towns will look like in 10 or 20 years’ time.

Election day ritual?

It’s a Saturday in footy season, so I will be watching my daughter play footy in the morning before settling in to see the mighty Saints right the wrongs of their 2010 grand final series. We will hopefully sneak in a democracy sausage in between.

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