data shows importance of playing online with kids

“We’d encourage parents to spend time online with kids, it could be as simple as playing games together online.


“It just throws up opportunities to say ‘hey, see this ad injected into the game, you should be careful with these kinds of links”.”

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant says while internet safety is a new challenge, the skills, values and behaviours that parents and teachers can teach children are not too different from what they were taught growing up.

That is, displaying respect and responsibility, building resilience and applying critical reasoning to identify whether something is being deceptive.

“Kids are very deft with technology but they don’t have the judgement or reasoning to be able to withstand some of the issues they are likely to encounter,” Grant says.

The federal government-funded eSafety office, the only one of its type in the world, has signed up Australia Post, Woolworths and 500 other Australian companies to help promote Safer Internet Day today, February 5.


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