Couple accidentally throw away $28k

A UK couple have been reunited with a whopping $28,000 after they accidentally took a box containing the cash to a recycling centre.

The unidentified couple visited the Bath area in England in November to clean out the home of a relative who had recently died.

Following their cleaning spree, they took several bags and household items to the Recycle for Bathnes recycling depot.

But soon after, staff at the centre happened to find a wad of cash totalling £15,000 ($A28,000) inside one of the boxes.

The employees reported the find to local police, who then worked tirelessly to reunite the money with its rightful owners.

Taking to Facebook, Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the couple had been found and the cash returned.

“Last month, we received a report from the Recycle for Bathnes depot in Midsomer Norton that they had found something unusual inside a cardboard box,” the post reads.

“The staff members had been looking for an electrical cable at the time when they noticed the box, which was tucked away inside another box containing a household item, and were surprised at what they found inside.

“Site CCTV was checked and the person who dumped the box was identified.”

The police explained they then captured details of the vehicle the couple were driving by using automatic number plate recognition cameras at the site, which found the car was registered to a keeper in Burnham-on-Sea.

After visiting the address, officers spotted the vehicle on the drive.

“Our officers spoke to the couple who lived there. They told us they had been in the Bath area clearing the house of a relative who had recently passed away,” the post continued.

“After the couple chose to come to Radstock Police Station, it was agreed their account matched the property found.

“Despite the fact they mentioned that the relative was known to hide money around the house in unusual places, they were aghast to hear the details of the find …. £15,000 in cash.”

Police also took the opportunity to thank the recycling centre staff.

“Without their diligent attitude, integrity and assistance, the family would never have known about the money found, and we would not have been able to return it to them, especially in time for Christmas,” the post reads.

The Facebook post received an outpouring of comments from the bemused public, with many quick to praise the police and depot workers.

“Wow … what a fantastic bit of detective work. Well done … would love to have seen the look on their faces when told,” one woman posted, while another wrote: “Nice to know there are still honest people around. Well done to those who reported the find and those who traced the people.”

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