Council buys Birkdale land they have earmarked for a new university

A year later, after being accused of not listening to locals, the federal government made a U-turn and agreed to sell the patch of land next to the Howeston Golf Course that had belonged to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.


In January, Redlands Mayor Karen Williams presented Prime Minister Scott Morrison with a petition containing 6300 signatures asking for the land to not become housing stock.

“The residents of Redlands coast have a clear message for the federal government: do not turn this precious public asset into a housing estate,” Cr Williams said.

“The community has spoken and is vehemently against this 80 hectares of land being used for housing.

The $4.1m purchase was expected to be finalised in the next few months.

“We will now complete due diligence and settle the purchase before consulting widely with the community on what they believe to be the best use or uses for the site,” Cr Williams said.

About the land:

The land falls away from its Old Cleveland Road frontage towards a tidal section of Tingalpa Creek along the south-western property boundary.

The site is predominantly covered by dense woodland, with some cleared areas in the centre of the site.

It was previously used by the Federal Government’s Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for radio communications infrastructure.


Historically, it includes a building constructed by the American Army Corp and used to house a US Army Radio Receiving Station during World War II.

The radio station was believed to have received the first message in Australia in August 1945 that the Japanese had surrendered and was used by General MacArthur while he was in Australia.

The land also includes known Aboriginal cultural heritage sites, which council says they would protect.

Tony Moore is a senior reporter at the Brisbane Times

Lydia Lynch is a reporter for the Brisbane Times

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