Council banks on riverside revamp to turn the tide

New ferry terminals, a high-use pedestrian access route and plaza at Mary Street, and more recognition of the area’s heritage are included in the council’s proposals.

The draft masterplan will be open to public consultation next week, covering issues such as the difficulty accessing the area from the city, with multiple stairs and a narrow boardwalk identified as problems.

“The City Reach Waterfront has a number of activity nodes, but the ability to interact with the water is limited in some locations,” the report notes.

“Public art and heritage interpretation information is mostly absent from the waterfront, reducing public engagement and sense of place.”

The draft masterplan also notes the area has “limited” opportunities for use, given its high likelihood of flooding.

Further, the waterfront’s haphazard development over the years has resulted in an “inconsistent look and feel”.

“The lack of a consistent waterfront aesthetic affects wayfinding and makes the waterfront less appealing as a public place and city destination,” the report said.

The narrow promenade could be broadened to eight metres wide.

The narrow promenade could be broadened to eight metres wide.Credit:Brisbane City Council

The report also raises the fact that people cannot access the river along the current stretch of promenade, suggesting about seven built-out areas projecting over the river as one solution.

City planning committee chairman Matthew Bourke said the draft plan outlined ways to “revitalise” the waterfront.

“The draft vision reviewed 22 iconic waterfronts worldwide, from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to Marina Bay in Singapore and has identified six key qualities that contribute to their success,” he said.

“We’re excited to incorporate the best ideas into this project to ensure this area remains a great, family-friendly destination now and into the future.”

Public consultation begins on the council’s website from Monday November 11, through to December 9.

The final masterplan will be released next year.

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