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Only a sprinkling of Trump supporters showed up at state capitols to protest Biden’s inauguration

In the wake of the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol building earlier this month, the FBI had warned that armed protests were being planned in every state capital. But though it was still early in much of America as President Biden was sworn in just before noon Eastern time, the handful of pro-Trump demonstrators who actually showed up were largely disappointed by the turnout, to say the least:> Mark Leggiero is the one lone Trump supporter out in front of the NYS Capitol. He says he expected a few thousand ppl here and is disappointed. He said he drove 45 minutes for a peaceful protest> > — Morgan Mckay (@morganfmckay) January 20, 2021> So far, two protesters are here at the Kansas State Capitol to protest the election.> > — Nolan Roth KAKE (@NolanRothKAKE) January 20, 2021> At the State Capitol in Sacramento, a lone Trump supporter wearing a red MAGA hat protested as President Biden took the oath of office Wednesday. > > : @dustingardiner> > Live InaugurationDay updates >>> > — San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) January 20, 2021> Greetings from Concord, N.H.> > — Ruth Graham (@publicroad) January 20, 2021> At 12 Noon the scene outside of the Michigan State Capitol is a quiet one. Just a handful of demonstrators out along S. Capitol Avenue. @WWJ950> > — Jon Hewett (@JonHewettWWJ) January 20, 2021In other states, nobody showed up at all:> As ceremonies continue in DC, all quiet at the Washington state Capitol in Olympia. Zero demonstrators. InaugurationDay> > — Drew Mikkelsen (@drewmikkelsenk5) January 20, 2021> There’s a large presence of law enforcement and members of the Ky. National Guard at the Kentucky state Capitol in Frankfort – but so far, all is quiet. @heraldleader> > — Ryan C. Hermens (@ryanhermens) January 20, 2021> All is quiet at the Utah State Capitol. No protesters that I’ve seen. The @UTNationalGuard is here again to respond, if needed. So far, I’m told no chatter of any local Inauguration related protests. @fox13 utpol Utah> > — Ben Winslow (@BenWinslow) January 20, 2021Meanwhile, in Montana, the only protester to show up … was a counterprotester. > INAGURATION DAY: So far, a quiet morning at the Montana State Capitol.> > — KFBB (@KFBB) January 20, 2021More stories from Cheap, ‘generic’ drug reduces COVID-19 death risk by 75 percent, trials suggest Trump reportedly extended 24-hour Secret Service protection to his 4 adult children Bernie Sanders steals the inauguration with his grumpy chic outfit

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