Cassie Lansdell almost went on The Bachelor

Love Island Australia star Cassie Lansdell very nearly appeared on The Bachelor, but pulled out of the show because it “felt like too much drama”.

Speaking to ahead of entering the villa earlier this month, the London-born 27-year-old said she made it through auditions to appear on The Bachelor Australia “a couple of years ago”, but decided not to go through with it.

She did not disclose which season it was.

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The stunning executive assistant, who has lived in Sydney for six years, also previously worked as an extra on UK reality show Made in Chelsea, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Speaking about her experience trying out for The Bachelor, she said the audition process was “very full on” and she could tell it would be “too much drama”.

“I got through, but I didn’t do it. It wasn’t really my style. (Love Island) definitely feels more me,” she explained.

Comparing audition processes, she said, “It was just very different.”

“With Love Island I had a lot of fun. I had an interview, just sitting talking, then there was a film interview and some bikini shots. It didn’t feel weird at all,” she said.

“I could just tell I wouldn’t enjoy (The Bachelor) as much. Plus you’re competing for one guy and I want options.”

According to 2016 Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon, the application form to appear on the show took “three hours” to fill out. If selected, a group audition with several stages followed.

Scanlon toldNow To Love this included “dancing to Justin Bieber’s Sorry, diving for a rose which was thrown onto the floor, walking across the room pretending it was the red carpet, and a couple of debates on controversial topics.”

Then, whoever made it through to the next round was grilled in a filmed interview where they were asked about their dating past.

When she made it through each round, she said she “had to do the most extensive medical test she’d ever done, at my own expense of $400!

“I also had to complete online psychological testing and have a phone interview with the show’s psychologist.”

According to Majella Wiemers, head of entertainment at ITV Studios, which makes Love Island Australia for Channel 9, Love Island contestants are also required to undergo a series of psychological tests before filming starts.

One of the first 11 contestants in the villa, Cassie was initially coupled up with Adam, but they decided to just be friends.

After getting to know Gerard briefly, she has since become part of the series’ first same-sex couple with second week intruder Phoebe.

This week, however, Cassie was taken on dates by two new male intruders, twins Luke and Josh, and has told other contestants she is potentially interested in coupling with Luke.

Love Island Australia airs tonight at 8.40 on Channel 9

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