Brooke reveals Nick told her he would pick no-one

Bachelor in Paradise has kicked off with a bang, with Brooke Blurton revealing what really happened between her and Nick Cummins on last year’s season of The Bachelor.

Brooke, who abruptly left The Bachelor after making it to the top three, arrived in Fiji during Tuesday night’s premiere episode ready to spill the tea on Nick.

The 23-year-old revealed Nick had told her he planned to pick none of the contestants prior to the finale, a revelation that prompted her to exit the show early.

The sports star had quickly become The Bachelor’s most controversial suitor after he picked no-one in the show’s last episode, leaving finalists Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman crushed.

On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise, Brooke, who was considered a favourite to win the season, was quizzed about Nick almost as soon as she arrived.

“Has Nick been in contact with you after you left the mansion?” host Osher Gunsberg asked before Brooke had even stepped foot on the Bachelor in Paradise resort.

“Mmm yeah,” Brooke replied reluctantly. “Yes (Nick has contacted me), am I allowed to say that? I don’t know … yeah, quite a bit.”

Once inside the resort, Brooke met up with former fellow contestants Cass Wood, Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Cat Henesey-Smith, who pressed her for details about Nick.

“I felt like watching the show I felt so much chemistry between you and Nick, like what made you walk out of there, what happened?” Cat asked.

Looking visibly uncomfortable, Brooke acknowledged there had been “definitely chemistry there”, but said Nick’s actions on their final single date made it impossible for her to stay on the show.

“My decision for leaving wasn’t exactly like how it came about, I feel like there’s something I probably should tell you girls,” Brooke said.

“My last day with Nick we were on like a motorbike, I thought there was definitely chemistry there and we’d developed something good. I thought maybe I would be the girl there at the end.

“But then he stopped the cameras and like smothered his mike to tell me that he wasn’t going to pick anyone in the end.”

Brooke’s revelation drew shocked reactions from the other girls, with Cass — who had been dubbed the season’s “stage-five clinger” — on the verge of tears.

“In that moment I felt crushed and gobsmacked … I was not expecting that at all, I was completely shocked,” Cass told the cameras afterwards.

Cat quizzed Brooke over whether she had told the other finalists Brittany and Sophie what Nick said to her.

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“He told me not to tell anyone and like I protected him for that reason,” Brooke said. “It ate at me … I couldn’t tell the other girls and I felt that was really s**t.”

Acknowledging Nick probably wouldn’t be too happy about what she had revealed, Brooke added: “I feel like Nick was definitely not in that space (to commit) and it was definitely a sh*t move being the Bachelor.”

Nick fled the country ahead of The Bachelor finale last year and has since kept a low public profile.

In November the Honey Badger admitted his experience on the reality TV show had been “soul-destroying”.

Bachelor in Paradise continues 7.30pm Wednesday on Network 10

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