Australian politics live: Thursday October 17

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud was on ABC radio this morning to defend the government’s drought assistance measures.

It was not nearly as combative as Scott Morrison’s interview with Alan Jones earlier this week – an event Mr Littleproud appeared to reference.

“A lot metropolitan commentators are frothing at the mouth at the moment,” he said.

Jones is a Sydney radio host. Of course, Mr Littleproud could also have been referring to smug inner city boys who write snarky politics blogs for a living. He left it open to interpretation.

Macdonald jumped in to point out that many of the pleas for the government to do more have actually come from drought-affected regional communities.

“Having spent a fair amount of time in drought-affected regions recently, I mean, that is what you hear when you go there. I don’t think it is just metropolitan commentators saying this sort of stuff,” he said.

“People on farms are quite desperate at the moment. Are you sort of diminishing their plight by suggesting that?”

“Totally not, Hamish,” said Mr Littleproud.

“I don’t have the comfort of tucking myself into a bed in a metropolitan. I actually live and breathe it every day, my friend. I actually see these people, and I know them by face and by name.

“These are resilient people. And they believe in what they do, and they know what they are doing is the best in the world. Now, we are going through a tough time, and we’ve continued to have these conditions over our whole agricultural history, but we’ve faced up to them and we’ve continued to work through them.

“When people say they want hope, it is about leadership of hope and saying we will get through this. Your government will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this, and we will get you through.”

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