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If you weren’t watching the Kyrigos match last night, it was called on Ch 9 by John McEnroe and Todd Woodbridge.

The American made some great observations and for the most part contributed terrific analysis of the mouthwatering battle between the Aussie and towering Canadian Milos Raonic.

But there was one moment that some felt he went over the line.

With Kyrgios sitting down and being tended to by the trainer, struggling with knee issues, McEnroe said: “Cue the psychiatrist too… “

Call me over sensitive but when someone has come out and admitted he is struggling and will be working with a psychologist to overcome mental health issues, maybe we don’t make comments like that?

“You’ll know this if you have kids right – the old reverse psychology – you tell them exactly not what to do and maybe they’ll do what you want.

“But it’s hard to do that because you sort of tell them, ‘ You shouldn’t do this’, and you try to give them a recommendation and you would think Nick wouldn’t give that away (that he has a knee injury).“But he thinks a little bit like a kid, he thinks, ‘I’m just going to show them and so then people see that I’m hurting so then that gives me an out in a way’.

“And then the other guy sort of doesn’t know exactly what to so he could let up and then maybe it (Kyrgios’ knee) loosens up and sort of goes away and then next thing you know he wins.”

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