Australia thrash Pakistan by 10 wickets in third T20 – as it happened | Sport



Australia win by 10 wickets with 49 balls remaining



Australia must score 107 runs to win

Wicket! Shadab c Finch b Richardson 1 (8 balls)

Wicket! Iftikhar c Starc b Richardson 45 (37 balls)

Wicket! Imad c Agar b Abbott 6 (6 balls)

Wicket! Khushdil c Starc b Richardson 8 (11 balls)

Wicket! Haris c Richardson b Agar 8 (16 balls)


Wicket! Iman c McDermott b Abbott 14 (15 balls)

Wicket! Rizwan b Starc 0 (1 ball)

Wicket! Babar lbw Starc 6 (7 balls)


Australia win the toss and will bowl


Good evening, cricket fans. What do Australia and Spain have in common (besides an agreeable climate, nice beaches and, um, a love of Spanish food)? Both nations are on a six-game winning streak in Twenty20 internationals, Australia arriving there with their win over Pakistan in Canberra – barely days after Spain did a frightful job on Gibraltar to make it a sextet of their own. Tonight in Perth – where these two teams have never met in a such a format – Australia can make it a heavenly seven, though even victory will not be enough to dislodge Pakistan from the No.1 spot in the rankings. Damn that washout in game one.

So, this match represents another milepost as Australia roll on towards the 2020 T20 World Cup (I’ll never tire of writing that) and even towards the Test summer, which is on our doorstep. No Pat Cummins tonight with said Test matches on the horizon, but Steve Smith will be there and there’ll be nary a frown in town if he can emulate his deeds with the willow in Canberra.

Anyway, looking forward to a good game as much as I am your company. Be more than a spectator by adding a comment below, emailing me or tweeting @scott_heinrich

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