Australia Post: Motorist films trucks running through stop sign | Video

Australia Post truck drivers have been filmed recklessly blowing through a stop sign by a concerned motorist who says it’s “only a matter of time before they take someone out”.

After he was nearly hit by one of the trucks, the man, who asked not to be identified, waited outside the Australia Post Mail Centre at Perth Airport on eight different nights to film trucks exiting the Boud Avenue depot.

“It’s been happening for years, but it was only about November last year where I personally was nearly taken out by a truck,” he said. “I had to swerve to the other side of the road to avoid a collision.”

The night shift worker says his initial complaints to Australia Post were brushed off. He claims he was told by a manager that drivers were “responsible for their actions off site” and that it was “not Australia Post’s responsibility”.

The man said he was told to “call the police” if it happened again.

“About a week later I was going (in the opposite direction) and the same thing happened again to a lady driver,” he said. “She came to a complete stop. The look on her face, just sheer terror. I thought, this is not good enough.”

media_cameraThe angry motorist came back to film the trucks after nearly being taken out.
media_cameraHe says the trucks ignore the stop sign day and night.
media_cameraWhen he complained, he was told to ‘call the police’ if it happened again.
media_cameraThe man, who works night shift in the area, camped out for eight nights to film.
media_cameraHe is sending the videos to WA Police and hopes infringements will be issued.

While his videos were taken at night, the man said it “happens during the day” as well. In a four-minute video sent to, 11 trucks can be seen exiting the depot, just four of which come to a complete stop.

“I’m sending (the videos) to the CEO and the (WA Police) traffic enforcement department,” he said. “I hope that all infringements are pursued and acted upon. It’s only a matter of time before they take someone out. It’s a 22-tonne truck coming at them.”

In a statement, Australia Post said it was “disappointed these drivers didn’t follow the road rules, and we’ll immediately reinforce with them our expectations and the importance of road safety”.

“We regularly remind all of our people of the importance of road safety, and we’re confident the vast majority of the are doing the right thing — which is why this is so disappointing,” the spokeswoman said.

“We take the safety of our people and the community very seriously, and we encourage anyone who has any concerns about our drivers to call us on 13 POST so we can follow up.”

Originally published as Infuriating AusPost act busted on tape

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