Australia Is As Unimpressed With Charlie’s ‘Bachie’ Nonsense As You Are

The nation has turned their backs on one-time BachelorettefrontrunnerCharlie Newling, because with every episode we discover in increasingly excruciating detail just how much of a shitty controlling person he is.

If you want a full recap, hit the link below.

If not, here’s a brief rundown of the closing moments of tonight’s ep, where Newling would not stop talking about how he feels Ali Oetjen is “spread[ing] out“, dating too many blokes on a show that is literally about her dating 18 blokes at once in order to find the right one for her. Who knew that on Bachie one woman would date many men, and get to know many men? How confusing!

He wants her to instead narrow her focus, to already know who her final three is, and if that was the case, why wouldn’t we just send them all home now and skip straight to there, so we can all get our weeknights back sooner. That is not how this works. She doesn’t know who’s going to win, because she’s still feeling you guys out. Especially you, who every day becomes more and more like, as Todd said, a “jealous boyfriend“.

Our friends on Twitter noticed. They’ve had it up to here with Newling too, especially with his lecturing of now not only the boys but Oetjen herself about what she wants and needs. Mate, she can find love outside o here, she could find love literally by getting on a bus and batting her eyelashes at anybody, she’s gorgeous and nice. She’ll be just fine if she doesn’t get to know you better.

Here’s just a bunch of tweets from people calling it like it is, noting just how toxic his behaviour is.

The highlight is this reference to yesterday’s most important meme.

Here’s the rest though:

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