Australia: Here are tips to keep in mind before visiting the country

Australia is considered one of the best places to visit in the world. The country has beautiful forest safaris, beaches and many other adventure activities. Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast are few of the best cities to visit in the country. Here are five tips to keep in mind before you decide to visit the country.

It is an expensive city

You need to start saving from the very beginning of the trip. Try to find the best rates for your airline tickets. Also, try to get the most out of the trip by renting a furnished apartment. This will help you cook and get things done at home. This will reduce the food cost as it could otherwise put a hole in your pocket.

Learn the basics of the language

Even though Australians speak English, the language is quite different from British English. Common phrases like flip-flops are called thongs which has a different meaning in the United Kingdom. Learn the basics so you can adjust better. This will help you get rid of any issues caused by language barriers.

Expect Koalas and Kangaroos but not too much

The country is said to be full of koalas and kangaroos. However, it is limited to certain places. If you wish to explore the wildlife, just go on a safari ride. It is one of the best things to experience in Australia.

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The sun is strong there

The sun is extremely powerful in Australia. You need to carry sunscreen with high SPF. The sun rays in the country are extremely harsh and are hard on the skin. You will get tanned easily. This is great for a vacation but might also give you sunburns. Be prepared, so that you enjoy your Aussie vacation as much as possible.

Drink local

Do not opt for international alcohol if you wish to save up on the trip. Choose local drinks that are easily available. You will get freshly made beers and eco-friendly beers as well as local wines. Find these spots with the help of locals and it will definitely save you a fortune.

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