‘Alien voices’ heard before Queensland attack

A few hours later, Chettle knocked on the man’s bedroom door and said “sorry for wigging out” earlier.

His victim told him not to worry about it, before noticing a knife in Chettle’s right hand.

Chettle said he was going to kill the man because “alien voices” had told him to.

He took the man to another room where he threatened to kill his partner if he made any noises.

Chettle told the man to kneel and put his hands behind his head, which made the man feel as though he was going to be executed.

The man stood up and said he wanted to see his children, when Chettle stabbed him in the abdomen a number of times.

Chettle grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head back and slashed his throat.

The victim survived the ordeal by wrapping his T-shirt around his neck and breaking through a glass window.

Neighbours, who the man ran to for help, described him as having organs “hanging out of his belly”.

Two years later, Chettle bashed another man in Woodford Correctional Centre so badly the man required surgery and three metal plates in his jaw.

Chettle claimed the man called him a “dog”, something the man maintains did not happen.

The former promising footballer has spent almost three years in prison already and was given a parole eligibility date of June 1, 2026.


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