9 tips for South Africans travelling to Australia

Flight Centre Travel Group has urged South African travellers to not to cancel their travel arrangements to ‘bushfire-stricken’ Australia. This follows the US escalating its advisory for travellers to reconsider their travel, exercise caution and postpone travel to affected regions after the Australian state of New South Wales declared a week-long state of emergency on January 10.
In case you missed it. acres of land and homes have been destroyed with a devastating loss of wildlife recorded since September 2019. It is the worst bushfires reported in the country in decades. 

Sue Garrett, General Manager of Product and Marketing at the Flight Centre Travel Group urged South African travellers to monitor the situation and to consult their travel agent before travelling. Affected regions include the states of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. 

“Despite the travel advisory, most destinations remain safe and open to visitors. All international airports are operating as usual. Some roads and major highways have been closed in affected regions,” she said. 

“There are very challenging conditions in certain parts of these states, while other areas remain unaffected,” she said. 

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