10 Best Prams Australia: We Help You Decide

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The Pram Crash Course

Choosing a pram seems like a very simple process. However, if you don’t consider all the factors involved, you might end up wasting money or even putting your child in danger. 

It’s always good to remember that certain types of strollers are best-suited to certain types of lifestyles. The best pram for a single mum with a toddler isn’t going to be the best pram for a young couple with newborn triplets! So to help you out, we created this brief ‘crash course’ to help you find the best pram for your family!

Different Types of Prams 


The most basic type of pram is the single or “all-purpose” pram which is built for everyday use. They usually boast practical features like cup holders and roomy storage spaces. 


Double prams (AKA: tandem prams) have two seats that are placed either be side-by-side or have one seat in front of the other. If you’re a parent of twins or two young children, you will definitely benefit from a double pram, but you should keep in mind, that weaving through crowded spaces and narrow doorways will prove difficult because of the pram’s size.


These prams are unique in that they fold up like an umbrella when you want to pack them away. This means that they are both lightweight and compact – perfect for a holiday. With that said, one thing you have to look out for is whether the buggy is suitable for newborn babies. It’s important to note that some lightweight models aren’t built to safely carry children younger than three months.


As the name suggests, this pram is perfect for parents who want to go jogging or running with their children. They usually have large, all-terrain wheels that can be locked to have better suspension so parents can push the pram around with ease.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Pram 

The Child’s Age And Weight

This is crucial because it involves the baby’s safety! If you’re looking into a pram you’re going to need to tailor your choice to suit your child’s age and weight. To help you out; the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission released important information about prams and strollers which can be read here.

The Pram’s Weight

The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to push around. But did you know that lightweight strollers aren’t always the best option? Light strollers can be easily knocked over, which could be very dangerous for the baby inside!

Additional Features

Your lifestyle will dictate the additional features needed in your pram; for example, those inclined to travel may prefer a pram with a travel bag. Other important things to note are the pram’s wheel size, frame, and the overall appearance. And you can always go to stores like Big W for added accessories like detachable kits and head huggers.

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5 Best Baby Prams In Australia 

5. Maclaren M-01 

This is one of the cheapest folding prams out there! It’s compact, durable, and super safe compared to other cheap strollers, but it does have fewer features. You’re trading cup holders and additional storage space for a five-point harness feature and full recline ability, which is a pretty good deal for a pram under $500!

  • Type: Single
  • Suitable For Newborns: Yes
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 20kg
  • Price: $AUD365

4. Childcare Vogue Stroller

The great thing about this stroller is that it’s extremely versatile! Its flexibility lies in the amazing features like the reversible seat, adjustable hood, and viewing window on the pram’s hood.

  • Type: Single
  • Suitable For Newborns: Yes
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 20kg
  • Price: $AUD589

3. Childcare Two Up Tandem Pram

If you’re looking for a tandem pram, this is one of the most popular products out there! It’s lightweight but has a full reclining seat, a five-point harness, and lockable wheels. It’s safe and comfortable for both parent and child! 

  • Type: Double
  • Suitable For Newborns: Yes
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 29.5kg
  • Price: $AUD 189 – $AUD326

2. Mountain Buggy Nano 

This might just be the perfect travel pram! This pram can fit over your shoulder, which guarantees less strain when you’re lugging the thing around. Plus, the rear wheel suspension offers an ultra-smooth ride for your baby. 

  • Type: Single
  • Suitable For Newborns: Yes
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 20kg
  • Price: $AUD399

1. Baby Jogger City Mini Pram

This thing is versatile, well-rounded, and relatively affordable when you consider the quality. It also looks super sleek and stylish compared to the other prams on this list; it’s got this matte grey canvassing with brown accents on the straps. It’s basically the BMW of prams! 

  • Type: Single
  • Suitable For Newborns: Yes (with a bassinet)
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 29.5kg
  • Price: $AUD449

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